Virginia woman sentenced to Six months in prison, After His dog was Killed fleas

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One of Prince George, Virginia, woman was sentenced to six months in prison, after been convicted of the offence of cruelty to animals through the death of his dog, PEOPLE confirmed.

Josefina Solis Baldera dog was found tied gold and crying out in September. 9. “The dog cried not less than eight hours,” neighbor Amanda Chios told WTVR. “I’ve never heard of this animal so sad in my life.”

She called animal control to help, and finally let go of the fangs. Unfortunately, Golden died on the way to the vet. The autopsy showed that he died from loss of blood, resulting in out-of-control – infestation by fleas.

“It was amazing the number of fleas on the dog,” Prince George County animal Control the work of Supervisory Greene, notes the TV channel. “The doctor never had a dog with plenty of fleas.”

Green, he adds in an interview with people: “the official animal control of those who responded…always had fleas all over, only in the immediate vicinity of the dog. She wrapped him in a blanket and took him to a local veterinary hospital, but it was already too late.”

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“If the pound came, could not left her head out of the ground,” Chios added WTVR. “It was a little sad that I have ever seen.”

The doctor was the gold of the autopsy, wrote that “almost completely covered with fleas…. Never in 23 years of practice seen from being infected with fleas at this extensive,” WTVR reports.

Green said that the doctor said that the gold death was prolonged. “It took me months to pick a dog, it’s a lot of blood, eating from it,” he says. “It was a long term thing.”

And he adds: “there is a lesson here. Cruelty is not only physical abuse, neglect.”

Solis on his own recognizance, after she has raised to appeal against the verdict in December. 8, Riverside Regional jail tells PEOPLE.