William, Kate and George have you come back home After a holiday on Mustique

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Prince William, seven months pregnant Princess Kate and Prince George’s reintegration into life in the cold, in the UK after a wonderful holiday in the Caribbean.

Members of the Royal family jetted back to the UK at the end of last week after about two weeks in a luxury resort on the island of Mustique.

There, along with Kate, family, partners, friends, sea, and brought them to the Hiking and indeed the greater part of his time, 18 months, George, before the future heir, brother or sister arrives. In the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy, Kate, because in the month of April.

In the middle of the separation from family was discrete celebration in honor of the 60th. birthday Kate’s mother Carole.

Now is the time that William and Kate to return to work.

Princess, 33-year-old neighbor public appearances on Thursday when she goes to Portsmouth in England, on the South coast of progress into a new house Ben will ansli on race in the UK and the Cup yacht – computer. You also warrant that his latest, free, 1851 trust, supports the efforts of young sailing.

In October last year, Kate saw himself forced the cancellation of the planned trip in Ben will ansli race due to serious illness, pregnancy learned during your first quarter. Sample her first pregnancy, the Princess again and fully enjoy a healthy and active in the second quarter.

For its part, William, 32 years old, has more exams to take. Were there three quarters of 14 trials on the way to obtain a license for professional pilots – possession of your new work with the East Anglian air ambulance.

Your former instructor, Royal Air Force, Wing Commander Kevin marsh, praised the Prince’s skills flight last week.”He is a natural pilot, and he is very good, so this is absolutely correct and properly, ” he told journalists in this distant event, training, headed by Prince Harry.

“There are a large number of studies, 14 tests in the earth, and even less in the air.”

By the end of this month, William initiated a short tour in Japan and China, where the British trade and cultural attractions. He also promoting the cause, which he passionately: the campaign against illegal wildlife trade.