4 of 5 young men charged Suspects are produced in Brooklyn rape

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Four of the five teenagers accused of raping 18-year-old woman who was last week in a Park in Brooklyn released without bail, while authorities are still investigating the complex case, according to reports.

Brooklyn Supreme court has Matthew Sciarrino on Thursday ordered the release of five suspects – Travis Beckford, 17, Onandi brown, 17 Eaton, Philip, 15, Shaquelle Cooper, 15, and Denzel Murray, 14 – although Cooper remains in custody in connection with another attack cases since October, reports the New York Daily News”.
“Because we are determined to learn the truth about what is happening in this Park, we need more time to investigate this complex case and collect more tests. So, we agreed, that the Respondent release” Brooklyn district attorney, Kenneth Thompson, said he.

Three young men, as he is released on bail; the money will be refunded to you, WNBC-TV reports. The quarter was released on Thursday.

D. A. says now has six months to file the case in court, WNBC, and the charges against the teenagers will be open still. Prosecutors said they intend in the expense of teenagers as well as adults.

First the police reported that young men came up to the woman and her father in one of Brownsville, children’s Playground, he said to leave my father with a gun, and then raped the woman. But researchers are looking for other claims, because.

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The lawyer of one of the teenagers said that the consensual sex was a smartphone video of the meeting shows, show woman, laughing and smiling before the accident.

Also some of the suspects told investigators that the father and daughter had sex, when they arrived, reports The New York Times.
Under new York law, prosecutors less than a week after the suspect is apprehended cost of the crimes the Grand jury received the charge will be collected Once added. Otherwise, the detainee must be free, and the D. A. has more than six months to make sure the indictment.

New York police bill Bratton, he told the Daily News on Thursday that researchers have not yet come to the bottom of the box.

“The first story-this is not the last story,” he said. “I think in this case, it is undoubtedly so, or so.”