74 minutes little daughter will be in the UK, the youngest organ donor: “Immediately Took some of her pain, her mother Says

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A British woman who knew her daughter to life, only for a few hours after birth, the child chose to carry and the end, so that the baby’s organs can save lives.

Newborns, in hope, lived up to 74 minutes she died in mother’s arms in hospital in Cambridge last week. Your kidneys and liver cells were donated.

In the hope that the mother, Emma Lee, 32 years old, I was pregnant 13 weeks, when he learned that one of her twins had anencephaly, congenital malformations, the cause underdeveloped brain and incomplete skull.

Emma and her husband cried, Lee, 51, gave them a chance to cancel, but decided to continue with the pregnancy and donate the baby’s organs.

“It’s a hard decision,” said Emma Cambridge News. “But we had we know, during this time, I only felt it was right…we are proud that we have achieved a lot in his short life.”

The couple was told that his story plush houlston leader (born in April 2014), a boy who was in British then the youngest organ donor after life, only 100 minutes. Houlston head suffered the same condition, what your hopes and heart valves and kidneys were donated.

“Before I was pregnant, I read Teddy’s on paper, and my only thought was that her parents were so brave,” Emma told The Daily Mirror. “I never thought I would end up in the same position. When we look with hope, you will not survive, knowing the history of the Teddy gave me confidence in the doctors were able to do the same.”

In the hope, although the kidneys in an adult patient and the liver cells were frozen. Healthy cells help as many patients five adults live long enough for liver transplantation.

“When we learned that a transplant was, immediately took something from your pain,” Emma,” said Spiegel. “I just want to be with this person in the future part of life in them.”

Hope is the twin brother Josh was delivered without complications two minutes after his sister.