A beautiful story of Princess Diana’s One-a kind of Scottish pattern which is Now in the New Women’s line

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Shortly after Princess Diana’s sudden death at age 36, came the difference, they come from all over the world.

One of the stars is one-of-a-Kind – tartan-designed and manufactured in Scotland, Loch carron, Weber is the world’s largest, range of pure wool tartan.

Since 1997, the Memorial Fund for Princess Diana, a number of products from scarves scarves for him, but now, elegant cake patterns in the number of women from Princess Kate’s favorite maternity designer, Séraphine. The new collection includes dresses, jumpsuits, shoes and helmets.

“We live by the model”, says eyes Tessie, CEO of the Diana-the price of love, decided has been replaced by the Background-the memorial complex at the front Desk, the sales profit. “When people eagerly after her death, I wanted to do something on your behalf.â?

Blue pattern tartan was created first draft von Loch carron 1997, in direct continuation of the Princess death. Based on the changing Royal design, Stewart colors, “inspired by the Princess”, says the company. Then, in 2009, soft pink tartan was introduced, called memory – Diana-Pink Plaid.


“Initially, the then President of Loch carron, Alistair Buchan designed plaid in blue tones perfectly time embodies the elegance, says the Princess,” design chief sunrise Robson-bell of a MAN. “Our qualified team of interior design, worked in an add-in to modify the original Scottish pattern, to build on the resource fabric.”

Both bulkheads painting, made in Scotland, designed the costumes, Séraphine. The brand’s founder, Cecile Reinaud tells PEOPLE, have been fixed, the company turned to project about six months after love in April of last year. “I was so excited that the potential of this field, and deeply motivated to contribute to the love, I pulled out all the stops to speed up startup!”, she says.

“I’m very proud of this area and the hard work we is a work in progress, but what motivates me to play a role in this incredible love and to give back to the community something of my success in business.