As in identical twins, the children were brother and sister: family of heroes stories of transsexuals

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Jonas and Nicole Meng funny, charming and surprisingly attractive. With her deep brown eyes and quick smile, they look the same, you’d think they were identical twins, except he’s a kid, and you’re a girl. So it’s impossible, isn’t it?

Wrong. It Maineses, 18, was born monozygotic twins, and children named Jonas and Wyatt. But when he was two, white made it clear that he felt like a little girl. He asked her, when your penis is going to fall. He asked them bright clothes and hair grow long. “If we’re going to play dress up, she always wanted a girl,” Jonas recalls in a conversation with the PERSON. “She always played with dolls.” Jonas was always with him. “Never before have I from him.”

In the new book by Nicole: the transformation of American families, the Pulitzer prize winner Amy Ellis Nutt tells an honest, intimate stories like Wyatt Nicole was, as his mother Kelly the confidence that you are doing what it takes to raise children happy through her fears, like her father Wayne fought to accept the fact that Jonas always knew.

Where Jonas to understand? Were he and Wyatt to say, “double tongue?” Jonas doesn’t believe in it, but “it was very natural for me,” he says. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

He defended, Nicole (family changed name Wyatt shortly before the fifth grade) sharply, especially in primary school where she was bullied and bullied until Wayne Kelly and decided three hours away (leads to pioneer a civil suit to set the rights for transgender children). In high school in Maine, the largest and most liberal city, Nicole was “stealth” won’t tell anyone that it was a trance. For many years the family lived in fear, opened it, and bothers you again. Today it is easier to breathe.

And this summer, just before University began, Nicole, who led the first suppressor of puberty and then female hormones as adolescents and Teens, had surgery reassignment gender. In her room in the hospital, Jonas once again glued to his side, he said Nicole’s friend one of the best things about identical twins: “I can see, I am seemingly incredibly, as a man, too!”

For more information about a Maine family fighting and victories, to collect the last figure of PEOPLE who on sale on Friday.