Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris Married! Take an Exclusive view of His Impressive wedding ceremony

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Applause Lord and lady fortune!

Popular YouTubers Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris tied the knot on Friday in Utah’s beautiful outdoor ceremony in front of friends and family.

In the new video from the great day, popular blogger, who share the channel with more than 869,000 subscribers in the video-sharing website, serves friends and gave a glimpse into a special ceremony Tontaquint garden in San Jorge (with cheese on the grill!).

“I have a wife! She has a husband!” Parker, 20 years, he said. “I’m sure I suggested a bit later even that you do get, is life normal life in marriage.”

The pair pledged in August, during a romantic candlelit dinner, Santorini, Greece.

“I was very emotional, not at all, and when I walked down the aisle,” Parker admitted it, “this is when everybody came.”

Aspyn, at the age of 19 she also runs the lifestyle blog, said he didn’t expect Parker to tear up, so it’s a great moment.

“I didn’t know whether I’m going to cry because I looked at my dress yesterday, but it was done,” he said. “And then, I just very strongly trying not to cry.”

Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn put an impressive dress made of mesh and lace that he is not really a result of one store – the girlfriend-session.

“I just found online and thought it looked cute,” he revealed. “I like to create a Bohemian, so it’s very easy and look natural.”

The bride did her own make-up, but he had help from mom Sasha for your hair was crowned with a floral wreath.

The pair also outsourcing, floral wedding centerpieces, is one of the family members – the grandmother of Aspyn!

“There are literally millions, here as our main decoration,” teenager”, he said.

Guests ate from the aforementioned “really tasty” grilled cheese, with tomato soup, and the couple decided with pumpkin, wedding cake.

The couple were in Bora Bora for the couple, that and the COP that you are a little excited.

“I was more excited that the wedding is a bad thing?” Aspyn-they joked.

Aspyn took an active part in the preparation of documentation preparation for the wedding, despite the channel and its social media accounts throughout the week until Friday, and some of the principles were a few photos from the wedding.

Lord and lady fortune 10.23.15 : @tyfrench @tyfrenchphoto

Photo published by Aspyn Ovard Fortuna (@aspynovard) Jan 23, 2015 8:44pm PDT

“It will be a new brand, a really interesting adventure,” said he.

The couple had to go to a tropical sunset, without in advance to thank their fans, however.

“A big thank you to all the people who supported us,” Aspen”, he said. “It’s very funny that we can share this experience with everyone, so we are very grateful.”