Donald trump Spurns Ted Cruz invites Him VICE-President: ‘I want to go back to the construction of buildings

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In the night from Thursday first goal the Republican party gained in the debates official election year, and despite seven candidates led to the stage, all eyes have been spent on Donald trump and Senator from Texas Ted Cruz duked as next month’s crucial caucus in Iowa.

Sparks showered between the spouses, if the moderator Neil Cavuto cross asked to meet in the middle of a loud chorus of whistles from the audience trump the assertion that the cross might not be suitable to become President because he was born in Canada.

“In September, again, my friend Donald said that he had his eyes on these lawyers, so any and it was nothing that was nothing to this birther issue,” cross, 45 years old, he said. “Since September, the Constitution has not changed, but the numbers of the poll, and I know Donald in horror that the numbers of the poll are in Iowa”.

After Cruz, although the Constitution allows the citizens of American parents born on foreign soil to become President, some severe Hurt to believe that a citizen who should have been born on American soil and born, and both parents were born equally on American soil.

According to this theory, not only Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal presidential race excluded, but so would the priority was born of himself: a celebration of mothers in Scotland.

“The question of citizenship, Donald, I won’t use their own mother against her,” Cruz said.

Trump, 69, she said, “Because it’s not going to work.”

Although the cross tried to put an end to the “birther” discussion there, the victory was to claim that, if Cruz wins the Republican nomination before the end of this year, the democratic party, no doubt, apply to the court to investigate the cross-conveyor may by the Republican candidate out of the race.

“So he knew a great demand and hell, if they can serve him in this office?” Triumph followed. “You better leave, stating the lawsuit and let the courts decide.”

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