Idaho Sheriff Says that parents are Now suspects, the disappearance of her son: “you Know Something”

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Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman, has announced on Monday that Jessica Mitchell Mr. and DeOrr Kunz suspect in his son, DeOrr Kunz Jr. disappear after a few messages.

Bowerman said a subsidiary of CBS, KBOI that parents two years were “no less true.”

“They are in the upper part of the person of interest,” Bowerman told the station. “This means that they are suspicious? Yes, I think so.”

The child disappeared in early July, while Hiking with family. Parents realized that he went to investigate after we to believe that her son was with her grandfather – that I believed she was with her parents.

After his death, the family spent days searching, but was unable to find any trace of the boy. Two months later, the Facebook post has renewed my hope.

In Sept. 13, “Maria” Red Rum”, she said to the photo of the blonde boy who was one Motel 6 in Stanton, California. While the family believed that the guy in the photo was DeOrr, officials said they found that the child’s mother.

Although strongly DeOrr was grandpa, the kid in the photo was her grandson – on the contrary, even according to official – Sheriff Bowerman said now believes that parents know exactly what happened DeOrr.

“They are even less true,” he added. “You don’t know something, I know that you know. I alarming. I believe I know where he is, absolutely.”

The Sheriff said officials became suspicious after analysts behavior returns, your conclusions, which, according to reports, including controversial stories and left of polygraph tests.

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“At first has made us very wary of the mother and father after his first test of the polygraph, takes missed several weeks after DeOrr”,” Bowerman, said NBC Dateline. “At the end of last week, when the FBI put their reports and interviews as soon as we decide to inform the public.”

While Bowerman KBOI said he believes that parents play an important role in his son where to disappear, explained that he believes that “we kidnapped child,” but not yet “ready to present any kind of threat to research and [file charges] too early”.

Officials have confirmed whether or not you believe that the child is alive or dead, but, according to the newspaper from Idaho, company, private investigations employee, from the family said that their results would lead you to believe that DeOrr dead.

“I think he’s currently in the mountains or somewhere near [to him],” said CEO, Philip Klein, ‘ he told the magazine.

Bowerman he claims that every, challenge information, in the Lemhi County Sheriff’s office in 208-756-8980.