Ikea do you speak? As the names of their products giant Swedish

Posted by: Newswalle

Here is a fun game for the whole family. Can you identify these items from the world's most popular provider of furniture for stylish yet affordable accommodation, namely Ikea in Sweden?

a) Logga: Is this more of a folding table, rack 'clothes or toothbrush holder? b) Trogen: cot, soap holder, picture frame? c) Peng: box packing, clock, mirror. How about Sljda, Pelto, Pyssla, Fjrding or (we can not stand) Fartfull?

Thanks Cal Henderson – architect, inter alia, the Internet photo site Flickr – now you can also iamcal.com / games go / ikea / and enjoy endless hours of fun trying to guess what all those strange product names may actually refer strange Ikea . Set Cal not listed, the last line of the company, BoKlok, but I can pronounced "boo-Klook" is to say, Swedish for "intelligent life" and is the name Ikea has its range of accommodation prefabricated household currently nearing completion of the in (for some reason) Gateshead.

However, there is a way to win, always in the game Ikea. It is to learn Swedish and a lot of Scandinavian place names, unfortunately, but it never manages to think that Julfrid could never fool a dining table instead of a straw goat. For the names of Ikea products follow a system, because the company's founder, Ingvar Kamprad, is dyslexic, he found that the order of the products with the appropriate names and words makes it easier to identify them.

Sofas, tables, shelves, storage and doorknobs media place names in Sweden (Klippan, Malm); Beds, wardrobes and lounge furniture for places in Norway; Carpets for places in Denmark and dining tables and chairs for places in Finland. Bookcases are mainly occupations (Bonde, Farmer, Styrman, helmsman). Bad Things named after lakes and rivers.

Kitchens are generally grammatical terms and cooking utensils are spices, herbs, fish, fruit, berries, or function words such as Skarpt (which means strong, and a knife). Chairs and desks are the names of Swedish men (Roger, Joel); Materials and curtains are women's names. Products for children are mammals, birds and adjectives (Ekorre is a series of toy balls for children, but it means squirrel). So now you know.