Kim kardashian Shows ‘Beautifully’ Roses – celebrity-friends, Chrissy and John Legend bashes San birth

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Everything is rosy for the new mother of two, Kim kardashian West.

On Thursday, the reality star released its first live broadcast, gave birth to a child Holy child, what the fans tour for all the flowers mom Kris Jenner holiday home of your child with her husband Kanye West.

“It’s just not beautiful?”, said kardashian West, 35, through Jenner on foot from the Villa in Calabasas, pointed adorned with bouquets of peonies, gardenias and roses sent to celebrities like designer Roberto Cavalli, makeup artist PAT McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury, florist Jeff Litem and friends John legend and Chrissy test to their own child.

But momager wanted gifts, too.

“I think red for me and white for you,” joked Jenner, 60, laughing.

“You know what? Don’t kill my joy. Send flowers, when I give birth? It doesn’t make sense”, kardashian said of West.

“It was, and said, ‘congratulations, grandma!’ “Jenner teased.

White roses have a special meaning for the proud parents: the West sent thousands wife for mothers day and a surprise baby shower will be a whole wall of them.

I came into the room in Brazil, and my incredible thoughtful person had a nice note with a couple thousand roses to cover all my Lux for mother’s day! I’m so sad that I’m so far away, that day, but celebrated yesterday! I love you, baby and North-soooo much!!!

Publishing photos Kim kardashian West (@kimkardashian) 10. May 2015 2:casov PDT

My husband he never fails to amaze me! He rented the whole cinema in the new Steve jobs (sooooo good by the WAY) and had all my family and close friends come in your best dress than a pregnant Kim view (false baby bumps on arrival!) I don’t know if he asks about it, I feel smaller, or just a fun theme is great, but I loved it and I had the best time, I am very happy, eating churros with a large number of women who are pregnant! Exactly what I need, the perfect chill-good food – birthday!!!!

Publishing photos Kim kardashian West (@kimkardashian) February 21, 2015 8:57pm PDT

Kardashian West, you also expressed Jenner festive Christmas decorations, from the splendour depend on palm trees in the backyard, giant Nutcracker guard on the porch. They recalled the terrible accident right after that her daughter North, now 2, was born, and you and West, 38, were also remains of Jenner.

“My mother was on the balcony, and someone had jumped the fence and came here to try to get an idea that I’m with child,” he said. “Now we have security full time in any region and to the surprise of the lawyers. It is as illegal to try to take a picture”.

The family was publish a photo of the little Saint, was born on Saturday, still, even though kardashian West will take to your app/site is where the first joint of his only son in the name – when the time comes.

For more information about West and Kim kardashian new delivery room and the baby drama, to collect the amount of this week with PEOPLE, to sell on Friday