PHOTOS: Take a tour of Naomi watts and Liev Schreiber Beautiful N. Y. C.-Duplex

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PHOTOS: Take a tour of Naomi watts and Liev Schreiber Beautiful N. Y. C.-Duplex

02/03/2016 01:24 PM ET




Douglas Friedman / Architectural Digest

It turns out that the second time annoyance when it comes to interior design — after Naomi watts.

In the March issue of Architectural Digest magazine, in the stalls. November. 9, the actress gives fans an exclusive inside look at the new York apartment she shares with husband Liev Schreiber and his two sons, Alexander and Samuel.

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During polishing, the house does not have a Watts first home in the big Apple, the star tells the magazine bought for my first apartment, when they see that time it was much less dreamy your current home.

“Not because I loved her, but because of the pressure!”, account. “I had no idea, the suggestions here were moving so fast. After you closed them, I my mother, a little Bohemian and super-talented decorator. They came and said, ‘this is terrible. No soul. No character. A businessman from the apartment.’ Was defeated. But she was right”.

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Douglas Friedman / Architectural Digest

But none of this is now, given the current family duplex-vibe dreamed of, from the lady duo – design by Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro from the company Ashe + Leandro.

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In it participated a total of 10 months in the 19th century inspired home to come and live. After Leandro, watts “gave great eye and taste for the project” embodied by the modern furniture in vintage style staples through the integration of graphic details, such as black-and-white tile in the kitchen, while still true to the retro feel with the addition of chairs and art of the time.

Douglas Friedman / Architectural Digest

“One thing I learned” watt magazine says, “this is when it comes to major updates, it’s just nobody.”

But in the aspect of the family’s apartment in downtown Manhattan was definitely worth a visit.

—Grace Sparrowhawk