Prince Harry Connects veterans and Wounded in the auditions for the Paralympic games in the style of: ‘it’s epic’

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Let the games begin!

Prince Harry cheered him wounded veterans on Friday, as the competition for a place in the UK Invictus-computer games.

Prince, 31 years old, spent the morning on a rough field – a game from University of Bath, about 115 miles West of London, supporting their wounded and wounded heroes, because she’s trying to be a part of the Paralympic-style Invictus Games, held in Orlando, Maria.

And he said to them, he had to wait in a warmer climate, if you then in a westerly direction spring.

“We have a whole new level, you go to another country, Orlando, where the climate is much nicer. This is the reason why most of you here, either that or you have an obsession with Disneyland. And only some of them, probably that case,” he said to laughter from the crowd.

“The excitement is building not only here, but across the lagoon,” he continued. “You will be incredibly surprised by the amount of support for you.

“It’s not necessarily about elections, but it is a part. Type of attachment – be it mentally or physically able, in that process. That’s what it’s all about us, that you’re always around. Opportunity for you to combine all to a few stories and a few jokes and if you’re a problem.”

He then asked the group as messengers of what he called the “indomitable spirit”.

“The indomitable spirit”, he said, “it’s about selfless devotion, of heroic actions, many of them have in one form or another.”

Prince Harry

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In his improvised speech, he took a moment to cross his own tribute to Explorer Henry Worsley, died in Antarctic expeditions was to collect money for the company Background, supports games.

He called the former officer for Worsley, has died of organ failure after he moved to Chile, “the definition of unselfish devotion.”

The Prince continued: “He put his life on the line. This man was raising funds for the company’s Background, people like you can do amazing things, and you find yourself. Thanks to him, we have great opportunities to more and more people”.

Came to the conclusion, “guys, I look straight ahead. It will be fantastic. It will be epic. I’ll be there, but most importantly, to enjoy it, use it and disseminate information to assess the amount of support that is there.”

Shortly before he spoke, opponents, and organizers saw a short video of the highlights of the latest matches brings. When Harry one of the spectators appeared on the screen to enter, – they joked, “Who is this?” The Prince joined in the laughter.

Prince Harry talks with wheelchair tennis player and one of the candidates for 100 seats in the United Kingdom @Orlando Invictus PC.

Photos, published at Kensington Palace (@Royal Kensington) 29. January 2016 at 4:16 am PST

The event on Friday is the first day in the United Kingdom. the test command and the token 100 days before the big game starts at 8.May.

Three days of tests will Help, dear veterans, heroes, with the support of the government, the Ministry of defence and the Royal British Legion.

Candidates participate in 10 sports: athletics; archery; wheelchair basketball; Cycling; weight lifting; indoor rowing; wheelchair Rugby, swimming, sitting volleyball and tennis in a wheelchair.

British team members will be selected, not only in capacity and commitment to training, but fortunately, games that you as part of your holiday, organizers say.

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Most of the participants from last year’s Invictus Games were also available.

Dave Henson, captain of the British team in the first edition of the games in 2014, he says, waiting will be selected this year. 200 m Sprinter tells PEOPLE: “I would like to stay in Orlando. Experience is great, people are great, and this inspiring event.