Run Boy, Taylor swift, Adele, Katy Perry and Britney spears Again: the hit-maker Max Martin

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If you like Adele, Max Martin has a great impact on you.

“I searched in Google about it and I was like, ‘He wrote, literally, every great soundtrack of my life”,” the singer, 27-year-old, told NPR, Swedish energy Agency at home.

You are not too much: since the 90’s-the classics (Ace of Base – “Beautiful life” and Britney spears “…Baby One More Time” to only a few names) for the date in all divisions of the ear worms (Taylor Swift “gaps” and the Weeknd “I can’t feel My face”, both of which nominees for the award “Grammy” this year), Martin designed, most of the pop landscape.

In total, more than 135 million singles sold worldwide; visit 54 songs top 10 to enter and 21 charts Billboard Hot 100. scored 1C – a feat surpassed only by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. It’s amazing that ability that point the momentum, ever-changing world of music: how he managed to prevent the center of attention for three decades. In fact, Martin, walks the red carpet, leads not in their material, in public and rarely gives interviews. Her representative has refused, PEOPLE to interview request for this work.)

But they call Martin on a business trip. “I would not say that I am,” said PopJustice in 2009. “I think the moment you start thinking that way, then suffer the minute of a song. I try songs as well as I am the way that I like, you know? And I think that my tastes sometimes, it happens that other people, especially developers radio”.

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Despite his prowess, his legendary melodies Martin produces on its own. It was co-designed “Blank space” with Swift for your floor offset opus in 1989, but the concept of all Swift: “it was one of those things that I want, creating lines of years before I completed the construction of the songs,” he told NME. And there’s Adele’s “Send My love (his New Lover)” from their new album, 25, sparkling, full of contempt, could only pencil Adele could. “I took my guitar along and was like, ‘I have this riff,” and then on “Send My love” happened very quickly,” explained NPR. “Max Martin, I could only be with him forever. It is so beautiful and charming, funny and friendly and generous. He really amazing person.”