The fifth nomination is His charm? A brief history of Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar

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You break your talisman, to see a shooting star, make a wish and light the candle that is in front of your sanctuary Titanic is Leonardo DiCaprio earned his fifth nomination for “Oscar” for the skin of the hunter Hugh glass, in Which the audience is touched again.

DiCaprio fights against Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender and Eddie redmayne for Best actor trophy, would have won his first Oscar.

And after years of fans waiting, rejoicing, praying and joking) and don’t forget that some pretty crazy role of training – looks like 2016 the end, because it is the year in which DiCaprio takes the trophy home. But before we look ahead to February. 28, only to find that they look at us they fame DiCaprio long way (possible) Oscar.

1994 What you eat Gilbert Grape
Nominated: Best supporting actor played Arnie Grape, people with disabilities brother johnny Depp Gilbert
Age: 19
Date: His mother Irmelin
Lost: Tommy Lee Jones, for his performance as U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard on the go
The level of pain for your loss: Jay Gatsby with a nostalgic view of the sound, as Daisy Buchanan in Faro

2005, aviators
Nomination: Best actor for his role of Howard Hughes, obsessive-compulsive disorder tycoon-aviation pioneer and filmmaker, was a prominent figure in Hollywood in the 1920-ies, 1940-ies
Age: 31
Date: Then-girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen
Lost: Jamie Foxx, his feat, as legendary soul singer ray Charles Ray
The level of pain for your loss: rose looked at Jack freezing after the death of “Titanic”, it goes down

2007, Blood Diamond
Nomination: Best actor for the role of Danny Archer, a white Rhodesian arms dealers and diamond smugglers and
Age: 33
Date: your mother
Lost to: forest Whitaker, for his performance as IDI Amin, the former President of Uganda, the last king of Scotland
To drink the level of pain about her loss: Romeo the poison because he thinks Juliet is dead

2014 the wolf of wall street
Nomination: Best actor for his role as a hedonistic, party of the king of wall street, Jordan Belfort. As one of the producers of the film, DiCaprio was also for the Best film
Age: 39
Date: your mother
Lost: Matthew McConaughey, for his performance as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club
The level of pain for your loss: Not as strong as a full emotional devastation we feel, see, Chiwetel Ejiofor loses this year (sorry, Leo)