The real story is the doctor who in the NFL he was Inspired by the film will Smith a concussion

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Morning in 2002, a neuro-pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu he has on his autopsy table and stared at the first brain that she ever saw belonged to a NFL player.

At that moment, when he knew she was “virtually nothing” about football, but was full of “curiosity” to understand what had him sad disappearance of Mike Webster, the legendary liniero the table under him, whose life came down after his resignation in the last ten years.

Since then, Omalu, grew up in civil war-torn Nigeria, learned a lot about football and with the help of Webster damage in the brain – he was the first physician in the relationship between traumatic brain injury, which players need to carry and a nightmare, a degenerative brain disease now known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy [ETZ].

“I took an alien who knew nothing about football, so this correlation,” says Omalu, the story of the film is spoken with a concussion, with will Smith as Omalu.

Dr. Bennet Omalu

Cody Pickens

After publishing reports its results in 2005 led the NFL may be interested to receive information about the risks that include depression, substance abuse, and suicidal behavior”, the sub again got showed shock blows to the head”, was for the players.

Omalu, but he quickly realized that he was wrong. The NFL last year, the attack on his reputation and thus tries his research and demanding to leave when their results were released.

* To do more about Dr. Bennett Omalu finding that football more safely, to collect the last figure of PEOPLE who sell now.

“They chased me, they arrived,” says Omalu, now he works as the chief of forensic medicine in San Joaquin, California., and teaches at the University of California-Davis. “But I fought back.”

The NFL has come to embrace Omalu findings. In April of last year, the League to agree on collective action for the provision of up to $5 million players on the pensioner from serious illnesses due to repeated trauma to the head.

“I’m not against football,” emphasizes Omalu studied the brains tries almost 40 players and says: “all”, which is positive for CTE. “I think people should know all the risks.”