The state of California to search for 3 Escaped inmates from the prison of orange County “Armed and Dangerous”

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California authorities search for three inmates who escaped from the Orange County Central men from jail was claimed to be the descent on Friday of four stories from the roof with a makeshift rope. The prisoners were arrested on charges of violent crime is suspected armed and dangerous, officials said.

Jonathan Tieu, 20; Hossein Nayeri, 37; Bac Tien Duong, 43, allegedly escaped cutting on Friday about a half-inch from the steel mesh in the tank and crawl through the pipes in the tunnel, that the path on the roof to launch, Lieutenant Jeff Hallock, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s office, tells PEOPLE.

The trio was Friday at 5 am template, but they were not on the quantity day. Hallock, he said Monday at a press conference that authorities believe that the alleged escape occurred shortly after 5 o’clock in the morning from the staff.

Shortly before the appointed time of 8 hours in which there was a fight in the prison, when the authorities were faith, which is the sample for shipment, the employee may delay the discovery of the alleged escape, Hallock, he says.

The men were in the same tank, which said 68 passengers in the same space, but Hallock, “there is nothing to indicate that you didn’t know, before you in the same tank.”

The ropes of the prisoners, who were allegedly used, were associated-extra linens and possibly clothes, Hallock, he says.

Hallock claims that the escape was allegedly involved careful planning and passenger, protecting from significant amounts of steel, rods of steel and metal.

He said that authorities are investigating whether the alleged refugees, who were seen last in prison orange monkey had help from the inside or outside of prison.

Steel cut ads in the Mod-F tank, in which the alleged escaped prisoners were placed

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff

Have cut the screen, where he was detained allegedly sanitary tunnel

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff

Warranty area on the roof, from where detainees allegedly went

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff

Improvised ropes with linen, used on the alleged escape

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff

Both Suspects that were closed in connection with Allegedly Vietnamese GangsTieu $1 million – bonds since October 2013 on charges of murder, attempted murder and shots live in the apartment. Hallock claims that Tieu “documented Vietnam to become a member of a gang”, and their crimes create in connection with the gang.

Nayeri was arrested, without bail, since September 2013 on charges of kidnapping, torture, aggravated mayhem and duties. Nayeri and three accused of stealing marijuana California the owner of a pharmacy and go to a remote area in the desert, who mistakenly believes that he’s hiding money. There, the men allegedly put on fire, her body, and pour lye on it and cut off the penis, Lieutenant Dave Sawyer from the Orange County Sheriff’s office, said Monday at a press conference.

Sawyer also said that Nayeri has a previous conviction for murder.

Duong were arrested, without bail last month on charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and other charges. Sawyer said Duong “has been cooperating with the Vietnamese gang.”

Three men had explained that he was guilty as charged against him.

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Authorities do not know whether they will be prisoners together or when they broke up. But Sawyer said, “we believe that they are somewhere in the [Vietnamese] community.”

Speaking about Tieu in particular, Sawyer said, “we believe that there is a big chance that he can connect with colleagues from gang members.”

At the press conference the Sheriff described the alcoholic Vietnam the Vietnamese community, in addition to providing information about suspicious. Hallock tells PEOPLE that the authorities were “many calls as we would like,” the suspect.

Sawyer said at a press conference that one of the escaped prisoners are “extremely dangerous and armed forces,” according to their alleged crimes. “Said we can only assume that these people wanted out of jail really worse and armed themselves,” Sawyer.

The FBI and US Marshalls and provides amount from $ 50,000 reward for information leading the arrest of the driver and passengers. Anyone who information will cause calls 714-628-7085.