Tyra banks the company has Transformed into a “Hero”, Richard Branson in fantastic Halloween costumes

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Tyra banks I can win the prize more unexpected Halloween costumes.

The supermodel and host FABlife opened their amazing transformation in your “company of heroes”,” Richard Branson, Friday.

“Some are looking at their heroes. I mean,” banks, 41, a joke with them conversion, which combine a photo of yourself on a chair, makeup Branson to achieve blond hair on the face used on his chin.

“Yes, it’s TyTy @Richard Branson, my hero,” he wrote in another photo shows full kit with 65-year-old entrepreneur company chaotic blond locks, white, t-shirt, buttons, and jeans.

You fly with me on @fablifeshow today! Yes, it’s TyTy @Richard Branson, my hero. Cm. #FABLifeShow today!!!

A photo posted by tyra banks (@tyrabanks) January 30, 2015 8:09am PDT