Utah mother With a Rare, painful illness proponents of the legalization of marijuana: “Any politician that Has a heart For this work”

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While her two daughters were shopping with the dad on South Weber, Utah, in October of last year. 1, Enedina Stanger was left in the Parking lot. She tried everything to ease the pain that has suffered from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a rare and potentially fatal genetic disease tissue, but nothing worked. She lit a cigarette of marijuana.

After she was finished, she lowered her window to leave her vices, is the smoke. If someone passing by to call the police, believing Enedina smoked in front of her daughters, a Parking lot with his father, Mike Stanger is back.

Enedina, 27 years old, he was imprisoned and released in Weber County from prison and is accused of a crime of the third degree children at risk of offences and possession of controlled substances. To lay although the crime aside and the judge will set a probation period in jail, this incident caused a Utah housewife threw life into chaos in the last three months.

Because of his parole from drug use for minors, Enedina and her husband recently moved with his girlfriend to Colorado where marijuana is legal, and not dangerous to run, you can stop and losing custody of Elena, 4, and Eva, 3 prevents.

“All our family and friends had to leave in Utah – it’s hard,” says Enedina PEOPLE. “But I couldn’t risk going to jail and losing my children. Especially because now the diagnosis of EDS were, too.”

Elena and Eva have already contorting her ankles and wrists several times – one of the first symptoms of the disease may lead to significant and flexible joints and fragile skin.

Enedina now fighting cannabis legally in Utah, so his family can return home, and others which depending on marijuana to use for pain relief for free.

This Wednesday, she and her husband should be displayed, at a press conference in salt lake city with a Republican state Mark Madsen, a law that would legalize to of whole plant marijuana for patients who need.sponsors

“Although my law applies to only two percent of the population of Utah, I still believe that these people are not detained and should be treated as hemp does not give relief that modern medicine can,” Madsen, lives in Saratoga springs, Utah, tells PEOPLE.

This and other Stangers who did not flee depending on should marijuana, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and new Mexico, says Madsen. “It’s not fair,” he says. “That suffer Enedina and more of the strange family in the hands of the authorities of Utah is exactly what my accounts.”

Mike and Enedina Weird

With the kind permission of Mike and Enedina Stanger

People: All members of the family, the Mormon Church SupportiveEdina was diagnosed with the syndrome burdensome when you started, the dizzy spells two months after the birth of her first child. Two years later, his pain was so strong that my husband Mike was on several well-known drug dealer hangouts in salt lake city marijuana buy to let his wife learn have been used, successfully, to try, similar complaints.

“If it happens, I had to sneak and leave some enough shade to ensure that one or two times a month to get from him,” says the MAN. “Help Enedina’s not enough to relax that the majority of muscle cramps and is able to avoid the pain to begin. Nothing else she tried worked, except this.”

Although Stangers think of Mormon and members of their religion prohibits Smoking and use of illegal drugs, “the whole world in our community was beneficial, because they knew that it was used for medicine, not for a high,” says Mike. “Enedina is the use for this purpose and intentions of God.”

‘I really Believe that marijuana has Saved my life It was a family member, close friend, though, who called the police and reported that Enedina Smoking pot was in front of their children.

“It was terrible, police cars around us, and I had to try to explain my condition to the police,” says the MAN. “I don’t smoke girl, but the smell was not to last. I was surprised when I learned that he someone knew that he said them to me. It was the worst day of my life”.

Although the kids like it in danger, of cargo and a fine of $1,000 to graduate Enedina had another course of education of children as part of her parole.

She and Mike decided then, fruita, Colorado, a four-hour drive from his hometown, South Weber, in order to ensure there are no additional legal issues after the purchase or use of marijuana.

“It’s sad that we had to take such extreme measures to uproot our lives just because I am a small plant, which tells the incredible”, Enedina. “I really believe that marijuana saved my life and I will fight for it to be legalized, in all parties, so if my daughters want is to be there for you.”

“Every politician that has a heart, needs for these efforts,” she says. “People, you this plant is not addicted to drugs, we the people, their hearts and souls.”