Which parts of the body of Kate Moss inspired a glass of champagne?

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Which parts of the body of Kate Moss inspired a glass of champagne? 08/21/2014 Subscribe at 04:48 PM ET clock 0SHARES Reprint

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For decades, Kate Moss has been admired for her appearance: her eyes dewy, creamy complexion, stunning legs. Her left breast: Now, another part of the body to the list of must-love to be added.

As part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the British supermodel in the fashion industry, a London restaurant has a champagne flute or coupe, breast Moss built, according to British Vogue.

34 The restaurant has the example of Marie Antoinette. Although it was never a supermodel, the notorious beauty queen of France made a left breast seems so nice (like the left-handed all the attention?), And inspired the first coupe of champagne in the 18th century. Jane McAdam Freud British artist who studied the Kate Moss crystal Antoinette stemware designed then took a turn of the 21st century.

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Moss is thrilled to be a Historical Society. â € œWhat an honor to be next to Marie Antoinette â € "was a very interesting and mischievous character," said the 40-year-old. "Champagne is always associated with the celebration and happy occasions, and I had fun, this beautiful coupe."

In addition, of 34 years, is Kate Moss Coupe in October to three other restaurants in London: The Ivy, Daphneâ € ™ s scotta € ™ s.

We wonder whether right tit look Moss will stage a protest.

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â € "Nancy Mattia

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