Cher’s delivery of More than 180,000 bottles of flint Cleans the water During the lead poisoning crisis: “It is a tragedy to Amazing proportions”

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Move starting Monday, more than 180,000 bottles of clean water to the flint, Michigan – courtesy of Sher – to the relief in the centre from emergency FZ were contaminated with water, the conduit for the residents.

The pop icon, known for working in this project with the Icelandic globally, Saturday the donation in a press release.

Water in achieving Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, Wednesday, depending on the version, and the Bank “starts with the processing – distribution to those who most need to drink, cook and wash.”

“The water will be directly to community centers, banks, food and fire – house with emphasis in the apartment with low income in the field”, after the release.

“This is a tragedy for an amazing and share outrageous in the center of our country,” Sher said in a statement, “I can’t wait for the water to get in there to help these people that you were poisoned.”

On Saturday, Germany President Barack Obama declared an emergency in flint, the shipping is $5 million in aid of the Union to support recovery from the crisis, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The government of the state of Michigan in addition, Obama called the crash, though the government refused, because the Federal law allows the cataclysms that people call a “catastrophe”, as the “Free press”.

Experts say that the water was contaminated tap a flint, after the city, moving to lower cost, to temporarily change your water source to the flint river, according to CNN.

Much more poignantly source that was not treated adequately because of the casting flowed through the city with service lines, rivers flint filtrate of lead pipes in people’s homes, according to CNN.

The number of children in the city, their impact on the exposure has already suffered from lead poisoning is irreversible.

“I pushed my children teenagers to drink] water ‘to Put, juice, take some more water,’ “flint mother Melissa Mace, said “the Free press” in the month of October. “Lead is in our blood.”

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