Craig Strickland widows in their Last conversation: “He walked in the door, Looked at Me and Said, “I love You”‘

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Elena Strickland openly about their last memories of her late husband Craig Strickland prior to the trip when hunt, who claimed that your life and the life of your friend Chase morlan.

“We’re sitting on the couch and I massaged her Breasts and, say,” Strickland, 27, said in an interview with CNN on Thursday. “We’re talking about Harry Potter because I love Harry Potter and joked. He walked in the door and looked at me, and I said, ‘I love you’, and I blew a kiss and said, ‘I’ll speak to you soon’, and left. I wouldn’t change anything about it.”

Former miss Arkansas, UNITED States, did not confess to your husband, it would be a better solution than he his passion for hunting.

“Craig doesn’t really make sense not to do, sometimes when it is a wild duck, at least,” said she. “Not everyone knows about duck hunting, but winter is the best time to go… I think he saw in that moment and saw the storm, and as you said his friends, he knew that the ducks came, he knew that they were going to be there – it’s more than trying to shoot ducks.

She continued: “Craig loved her more than anything … came to spend time with friends or family, or whoever came with him. To look at it through that snow storm, he knew that his impressive history, and [he] will be able to spend time with chase, he was a mentor. I think that’s exactly what he thought, when he Goliath on the map”.

Morlan was, on Twitter of damage in case of message tragic turn of events declared to write, Strickland, then.

“If it never comes, @back Road Craig and I go right through winter storms to kill Goliath, ducks in Oklahoma. #Thestorm Into,” Morland wrote early in the morning on Dec. 27.

Although Strickland said that she remains strong and with the support of the family, during the confrontation with his heartbreaking loss.

“We are indeed much better than what people expected. More than any of us expected ever,” he said. “Your sisters brought me to little rock, and we talked a little bit, how God helped us to find out about it. The world to share his love for Craig and tells us how much she loves him, he helps us to get through this difficult moment actually. We are trying this as a family.

Adds Strickland, “it is evident that in God’s hands, and there’s a reason for all of this. Instead admit that she is doing us harm, we’ll try to get something good.”