Jon Foster and Chelsea Tyler Speaking tour Together plans for a wedding

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They participated for almost a year, but Chelsea Tyler and friend John foster in no hurry to tie the knot. But cold on his feet to say that they take a tour with his band.

The pair met in 2011 when mutual pal Zoe Kravitz was in the party that went there, and started his group KANEHOLLER “about 48 hours after the meeting,” Promote, 30, ” said the MAN.

“It was really, really incredible experience to be able to do it, someone who loves you, you know?”, says foster, working with Tyler, rockers Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, daughter. “The main thing that was really fun, in electronic music. Species standard”.

The pair just Vol. 3 their third EP, and at SXSW in Austin before on the street with the Ting manufactured, network, tour dates, with 23. In March in San Diego. And Tyler, brother Taj will be to you as to their teams.

“We have a little sweet, minivan, to accompany us all the way,” says Tyler, 26, laughing. “We’re like two soccer moms.”

Added foster: “as a badass minivan. All black with black rims. It’s really funny.”

The pair says that he doesn’t care, for lack of space, although, as practical people.

“With the tour, which makes it very simple, because we have a hotel room for a group, an additional room for my brother, for the team,” says Tyler.

Another thing is that it looks funny? The idea that you will not be with your partner.

“In any case, there are a lot of people with whom we work, as” gosh, what are you doing?’ “Tyler says.

“Both, to understand that you have something, unwillingness to have several different relationships involved. Their relationship work and his romantic relationships and friendships, and all these things must be done, a certain level of respect and tolerance,” added foster. “I feel that we help”.

Tyler indicates that grow in ” rockstar dad helped him in the preparation, career and music of his own.

“I know a lot of things that gave me grows, the tour yourself accustomed to, so convenient in traffic, all the time,” she says. “I certainly moments in which [the father] is moving to the stage where I’m like ‘Hey, Hey, Hey, don’t do that!’ ”

“He is so merciful and loving, and I’m very grateful for that,” Tyler, ” he adds. “But at the same time, we’re totally different styles of music, and it’s very good, because I’m a little from my account. On round five guys in the 70’s was very different from what we are doing now. We teach each other and learn together. It’s a beautiful thing.”

For planning your day, “we want our time to work. This thing at the same time, the planning of the tour and all,” says Tyler says.

Not that the whole world around you, as if-with-a river like you.

“Our parents are angry. You, like, ‘you have not ordered anything?!’ “says foster. “This does not mean that we are not excited about the wedding, when we are on tour or something. This is just one step.”

Yet so little time on the Internet: “I like warm weather, so we have the summer to do,” Tyler says. “We have a very small, very private ceremony.”