Liam Neeson: “There are too Many F*cking firearms In the USA’

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Charlize Theron Just Meet Every crazy Gun Mother In the United States. Read more ”

“But, how can I protect my is, if gub’mint comes from me?!”

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Liam Neeson has no money, but the fact that it is very e- *continues Batman wrist stuck in the temple, in the fish – * – it’s good, man, and it’s great. I forgot that you were not there… I’ll start again.

Liam Neeson is career rise in recent years, thanks to the good that you see when the elbows, neck and shoot with fuck people with balls, preparation of gossip. I can think of, what you call now, what will come to me. WEAPONS!!! That’s all!!!! This is the shit that she hates these things. About The Huffington Post:

There are too many fuck weapons there. In particular, in the United States. I think that the population of 320 million euros? There are more than 300 million weapons. Privately owned in the United States. I think it’s a damn shame. Every week, we collect the newspaper and you’ll see, ‘But several children were killed in schools.

But he makes movies with weapons and explosions! Why not to pretend that one thing that I love how in real life?

I grew up films of jeans, which he loved to do it [weapons gesture] with my fingers, ‘Bang, bang, you’re dead!’ I in the end not a killer. I think that’s what makes the movie.

Thus, this layer he told me not to fly? I review many of the decisions that I’ve ever met. – *slowly closes the door Gullwing in Pontiac Sunfire* – at the same time, let’s look at why Liam Neeson is not the best exhibit for arms control, verification that the measure is a reasonable response to American pride gun lovers:

1. He doesn’t even ‘Merkan!
– Ad hominem, but very ignorant suitable.

2. Tyranny!
– How exactly is 10,000 meters on the line?

3. Slippery slope, the knife!
– SHH, nobody close to a flea market, where you pen.

4. 2. Change!
– Black, they could not appreciate, 50 years ago, but you’re right, the founding fathers had this object is associated, from the very beginning.

5. Nanny state socialism!
Roads, police, fire, Medicare, state school, free food stamps, military…and soon the school! (FYI: the free market creates and asserts that none of these things.)