Mark Zuckerberg Leads the daughter of max to the First room: ‘she Loves It!’

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Mark Zuckerberg Leads the daughter of max to the First room: ‘she Loves It!’
01/24/2016 03:09 PM ET




Mark Zuckerberg with sto cute spontaneous with my daughter!

Facebook founder in photo Sunday (on Facebook shared it together, of course) from him and Maxime in the water.

“In the first bad Max”, with subtitles. “She loves it!”

Source: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

Zuckerberg, 31 years old, has a chain together and sweet moments, because her daughter was born in November, including reading him, besides his wife Priscilla Chan, and acurrucarme with her a few days after her birth.

A couple set up too has a kid-a time capsule for his daughter, and he wrote Zuckerberg in his time “a few weeks before the birth of max, Priscilla, and he took me one morning to think and write that our hopes for you and all the children of his generation. It will be very essential to show him someday.”

Max with the arrival of drifted on his back, even if Zuckerberg and Chan created Chan and Zuckerberg’s initiative and promised to donate 99 percent of your Facebook share on the promotion of human potential.

“Your mother and I, we weren’t even words to describe, in the hope that us for the future. Her new life is full of promise, and we hope that they will be happy and healthy, to learn,” the couple wrote in an open letter to Max.

“You have a reason for thinking about the world that we hope to live.”

— Adam Carlson