Olympic athletes are aligned in the garden Chelsea Flower Show

Posted by: Newswalle

A former president of the Royal Horticultural Society was good for calling Chelsea Flower show of the year known was undoubtedly the "best of times". This tradition continues and it is true that every show vomits something new and exciting. As one of the judges this year, I know we will see some stunning gardens – do not expect less than this is the creme de la creme of British garden: swampy keeps versions of Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis.

Everyone is very different – there are memorial gardens of World War one, inspired by a Persian paradise, one by the night sky. There are two sharp modern designs of Italian designers and a pipeline from the beaches of Cape Cod, this year there are a handful of young designers who have never acted in such a large scenario: they are able to cope with stress to be? Will we see a new superstar find garden this year?

At noon on Tuesday, were medals and all we have to do is quiet and not say anything to anyone until then. This is easier said than done!

Time makes a difference: last year was a cold winter and the plants were pampered and warm wrapped in full bloom in Jockey them. This year was much warmer than the plants must be maintained. No matter how well the designer can not guarantee time.

The secret to enjoying Chelsea is to allow plenty of time and look for the details – very few of us in a position to re-create a garden of Chelsea at home, but what we can do is a little inspiration, a combination of sublime planting, a new material, a different approach in the design or if they insist, a strange sculpture garden.

James Alexander-Sinclair is a garde designer, writer, broadcaster and one of the judges at the Chelsea Flower Show this year