Perform a lazy person on food hygiene

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The Food Standards Agency is warning consumers not to chicken before cooking concerns about the presence of Campylobacter can wash increase in raw poultry, but it is also a rare triumph for all those people who never wash a chicken because not a big ass . It's not often, after all, that lazy people come in the betting hygiene. What other food safety tips can teach disheveled angry?


Your dishwasher sterilize most things. In fact, if you really need to wash one, a chicken breast before cooking, you can skip a step in the kitchen, in the dishwasher. Simply wrap in the first and be sure to run a full cycle.

Packaged Spinach

People say, "washed and ready to eat" that you can not trust tags, so you could also buy the 'wash before use "and not wash it. Just the whole bag in the microwave for a few minutes – it should all kill lurking there. If not a few holes with a fork first bag, the bag will explode – that's how you know it goes.


Foods that should not be cooked will never cut on the same board – or the same devices – such as meat and poultry. To be completely safe, you should eat these foods on alternate nights.

Homemade pickles, jams, canned

Do not bother.


Rub knee always clean pants.

Cooked meat

Place on a clean plate and keep in the refrigerator up to a week to fall, or how long it takes to stop a bad conscience do not eat it. Discard or feed the dog – your choice.

Soups and sauces left

Allow to cool, place in a clean container, then freeze until you move.

Durability data

Think of "best before" to mean "worse after" and therefore "good for children and / or people who dropped by uninvited." Double Cream is usually fine for a few days over the date, despite alarming changes in consistency.

Container with the words "after opening refrigerate"

In most cases, the cold is not absolutely necessary, but it is a convenient system – be it in the refrigerator at least know you have open. Some people do not like the cold mustard, but an important part is the lazy getting used to the bad things. For products that need to have only once a year or so – capers, for example – have to resign to the opening of a new jar every time.

Flour, rice, vegetables, etc.

Good for about six months to a year, after the insects sieve before use.

Real or pastes, the perishable baked stuffed

Best in the car on the way home to eat.