See how a 4-year-old restaurant critic reviews of The French Laundry

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Saia and Jessica Murray Island

Children â € "say the darndest things!
Like the time, 4-year-old Lyla Hogan had the Champs Elysees herb in the prestigious French Laundry in Napa Valley, California roasted lamb farm, and said:

"This is delicious."

But do not worry, your parents were not ashamed scathing words for your little angel court in a place that Anthony Bourdain is not ready to believe the world's best restaurant is called. She was taken there from the website of The Bold Italic, to check a full tasting menu of their own beautiful perspective â € "Â and she is the youngest person to do so.

Saia and Jessica Murray Island

With beautifully expressive photos of Murray Bell Iceland, Lyla table taken when a long list of irresistible goodies from the beginning shown to experience the mouth, when she served ice cream cone-shaped horn avocado to the end, placed in front of him (the best way to win a girl's heart is with chocolate! Nice traveling, cooking.)

Saia and Jessica Murray Island

Some of the great successes of Lyla are your thoughts in a beautifully prepared white sturgeon caviar dish that immediately gives a thumbs down without even trying. She complains of the lower lip and says. "It looks really not good"

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And every dish is more zingers, as when they served a small green salad. "This pepper tastes like babies" Wait, she ate baby? "I only eat the legs and feet, not the eyes or the mouth."

Saia and Jessica Murray Island

Luckily for the chef and owner Thomas Keller laundry, not every little Lyla Comments on food are derogatory. The summer melon soup is to die or Lyla-speak: "Tastes like ice Tinker Bell."

Saia and Jessica Murray Island

And for the record, the bread of the restaurant is totally awesome and Lyla could always drink ginger ale, and always â € "Â a glass of champagne. This place is preferably super fancy, remember.

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To see Lyla beautiful view from start to finish, click here.

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