The Sandwich Generation caregivers of their children and their aging parents

Posted by: Newswalle

Name: The Sandwich Generation.

Age: 30 years and up.

Appearance: fencing.

Well, let me guess – this is the generation that never learned to cook and are still living in their sandwiches, you know what 30 years? No.

The generation that has adopted technology brings freedom and decides not to be bound only jumping from one job to another, wearing nothing but a laptop and a sandwich? No.

Is it a new generation of sandwiches? Triplane fully gluten fibers in vitro meat, tamarind paste and tears? No It'sthe generation in a dilemma oflooking their children and aging baby boomerparents captured simultaneously.

That does not sound like fun. The Office for National Statistics said that behind the recent rise in the homes of six or more people.

That does not sound like much fun sounds, either. Doyoumean ONS or overcrowding?

Both, but we are with another productive ONS time.How these homes are overcrowded deal? There are about three million people in more than 543,000 of them – an increase of 25% over the last 10 years.

Wowsers! Are all baby boomers sick at once, or what? Or return – to – door of the family and a lack of adequate housing is usually the situation by the fact that the enrollment rates increased price sand property are also more forcing people to stay in worse.

I see. Also, people are living longer get later children have parents who can provide grandparents, affordable child care, is going higher and higher thecostof living and usually dwindling resources is always required andmore.

Well, there is no way, real estate prices are controlled, lower fees, built more affordable housing, child care or the cost of living down, so … I know.

We will begin by women haveall children 30 and 70 rotate all over the snow to die. Yes, this is the only answer.

Do not say: "There must be another way of his coming allthink very hard and see what we can do."

Do not say: "Actually, you know – I really asandwich pleasure."