We need to act against the manufacturers of fast food, fat people do not

Posted by: Newswalle

In the old school photo of my father, around 1915, when I was about 11, all the boys in her class thin stick. Now a third of them would almost probably overweight / obesity. No hope, they want to be. We are often horrible to fat people. Always have been. Billy Bunter, fat student fiction in Greyfriars School from 1908 until early 1960, was lazy, greedy and had no friends there was "Comic Relief has to offer." But he was an exception. Not any more.

The world is full of Bunter now. How could it be otherwise? You need an iron will, time, energy and money today have to stay thin. And you need to be happy. You do not have a hope in hell, if you are depressed, Ground Zero hours of work and life in a Super obesogenic area. Fielding and his wife were stuck in one of the U.S. recently – a bad part of town. Ate mast dirt for four days, then took the subway to Manhattan a few stops – Paltrow country where they are not the purification of organic quinoa radish and running, and ate them. Because they could afford it.

This is so cheesy, I say, but I feel obliged drone about it because before reaching the point of no return, it's time to stop making fun of people who are disapproving fat and give orders to them about: drive to work, eat your greens, to control themselves. You are not to blame. We have to attack the real Greedies: large unscrupulous companies and producers of cheap / fast food, do their absolute best for us and things that Crapola their pockets with money. It is so easy what. Using advergames, weed control, violent lobbyists, monopolies, "regulatory capture", and the sugar and the fries are so delicious, comforting, inexpensive, and all for the sale of a second school gate near you

But how to stop them, with such a wet government? Hardening guide. Corporate business insatiable monsters on. Do not worry about being called a nanny state.

Not mock a good nanny and relentlessly punish their children when they are struggling with life. It supports and protects it from villains, crooks and the evils of this world.