You Could live on Oscar Mayer ‘Wienie-Bago’, During Super Bowl weekend

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You Could live on Oscar Mayer ‘Wienie-Bago’, During Super Bowl weekend

01/26/2016 at 01:44 PM ET




Oscar Mayer

Do not join if you had the happiness of your hotel in Santa Clara, California. Super Bowl, weekend, we have some good news. Oscar Mayer hangs on the auction giant hot dog-R. for you and your friends.

“Wienie-bago” has enough space to sleep four people, and comes complete with snacks, drinks and, of course, from Oscar Mayer eat to live life in the sky hot dog. Oh, and get the driver, personal CD, hand free for everyone who eats.

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The highest price you will receive a cruise around Bay Area in style, which accompanies the Egg—and all for a good cause. Product Supplement will be useful to hunger Now, with a company match offer up to $10,000.

Two night stay includes also a scholarship of $2500 and full amenities, including cable TV-if they come off, his hands on tickets to the big game, and then only through the back door of pleasure.

In the CONTEXT: it is a Celebration of the super bowl Without chicken wings

Football/pork fans can participate in the drawing, until Sunday. Tender happy!

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone