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Get Married in this COVID 19

How to Get Married in this COVID 19 Situation

This COVID 19 situation has changed the life of people tremendously. Any event at this time involves a huge risk of getting...
using body fat calipers

How to use Body Fat Calipers – User Manual

Body fat ratio is a significant balance of health which is considered more valuable and accurate than weight or weight record (BMI)...

Why do we need a Personal GPS tracker for our children?

Being a parent is not an easy task, as such being a parent there come’s a certain level of roles and responsibilities....
using a cast iron waffle maker

Using a cast iron waffle maker | Buyer’s Guide

Waffles are one item that each and every person drool for after eating them. The taste and feel of having them would just...
scroll saws

Scroll Saw Buying Guide | Things to consider before purchasing

A scroll saw is one of the most underrated tools that need to be considered adding to the toolset. People who are craftsmen...
ice makers

Why You Need To Get An Ice Maker in 2020?

How embarrassing would it be if you run out of ice during a party you organized for friends and family? Drinks are an...