Why You Need To Get An Ice Maker in 2020?

ice makers

How embarrassing would it be if you run out of ice during a party you organized for friends and family? Drinks are an essential part of parties, and without ice, lukewarm drinks taste horrible. At these times, ice makers come to our help. Ice makers are machines that produce ice. If you regularly host parties, you need to have one ice maker at home. Ice makers are essential for offices, sports events, gyms, hospitals, cafes, hotels, bars, and restaurants. Ice makers continuously produce ice in larger quantities than your refrigerators. Hence, if you are thinking of getting a new machine, you need an ice maker this year.

However, getting an ice maker is a confusing task as there are various types and brands available in the market. But we are here to help you in selecting the most suitable product according to your needs. In this article, we will tell you about the types of ice makers and the uses of ice makers. Once you consider the above factors, it won’t be hard to purchase a new ice maker.  The most important thing to do before purchasing any item online is reading reviews, yes . So before buying must read Ice makers review online on any kitchen appliance review website.

Types of Ice Makers

When it comes to ice makers, various types and brand models exist in the market. However, if you don’t know the ins and outs of the ice makers, you may end up buying the wrong ice maker, which can put a hole in your pocket. We have classified the ice makers in two primary categories that are the following:

Commercial Ice Maker: The first type of ice maker is commercial ice makers. These types of ice makers are enormous, they churn out ice in large quantities. Commercial ice makers can make upto 300 pounds of ice within a day. However, these ice makers are not suitable for homes, small cafes, or motels. The commercial ice makers occupy quite a big space, and they need an electrical outlet, a drain, and a continuous water supply. These machines are expensive. Hence only hotels, restaurants, and bars install them at their respective establishments.

Portable Ice Maker: Portable ice makers are an alternative to the commercial ice makers. As the name suggests, these ice makers are portable. You can easily install them on the countertop of the kitchen. You can install the portable ice makers in offices, gyms, and small motels where you can get ample ice in a day. Portable ice makers can be taken anywhere to camping or events as well.

Uses of Ice Makers

There are various uses of ice makers. First of all, quantity is the most significant advantage of an ice maker. A portable ice maker churns out makes 10-12 ice cubes within 10 minutes. While a commercial ice maker makes almost 300 pounds of ice in a day, the shape is another benefit of ice makers. Ice makers make ice of various shapes, which is great for impressing your guests and customers. Some ice makers come with automatic ice cube dispensers, which are great for bars and restaurants, as customers can get ice cubes in their drinks without putting their hands in the ice bucket.  Time is another deciding factor, and ice makers make ice quickly compared to refrigerators.  


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