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A scroll saw is one of the most underrated tools that need to be considered adding to the toolset. People who are craftsmen should take a look at this perfect tool, and it can make perfect curves on sturdy materials like wood and metal. However, most people go for cutting tools like jigsaw and fretsaw.

The scroll saw can make delicate, precise curves and cuts without any hassle to the operator. They are quite convenient for the operator compared to the other types of saws. They aren’t that different from a sewing machine, with a vertical blade being adjustable according to how delicate the curves are.

Besides, a scroll saw works faster than a manual one. If you’re a skilled craftsman or an amateur hobbyist trying hands on the machine, a scroll saw is the product you need to have in your arsenal. However, picking a perfect scroll saw is a tedious job as a wide variety of brands and models exist. 

Merely going after a flashy product isn’t going to be a value-for-money decision after all. We have prepared a list for you – the list of some of the best products in the market. The products we are recommending have various features and uniqueness. With our list, your problem is solved.

With the list of scroll saws, we have also provided a buying guide. A buying guide contains all the essential factors and tips for wise shopping. If you read the suggestion given by us, it’d be quite easy to buy a perfect scroll saw online.

Things to consider before buying scroll saw

The scroll saw the list we have prepared is a result of exhaustive research of consumer reviews, discussions with experts, and testing of the product itself.

That’s the reason we also provide an informative buying guide in the article, and you must be wondering if the scroll saw reviews helpful ?, well some are, some aren’t, and we don’t have time to go through the endless maze of reviews on the internet. That’s why our article contains all the information that’s required for purchasing a scroll saw.

Even if all the scroll saws look similar to each other, they have unique features that affect the results that they produce. You must know what a scroll saw’s features and drawbacks are. Following is a list of things to consider before buying scroll saw.     

Cutting Speed and Throat Size

Speed is the fundamental force that is used in a saw to slice the sturdy materials. Higher a saw, the higher the power it has and more comfortable it will be to cut hard materials.  The speed of any saw is dependent upon the motor that powers the blade.

Some saws have limits as to how much power they can utilize to prevent the breakdown. Usually, some saws have a 500-1800 cut per minute limit, which can’t be crossed. Some models get a dial-based speed controlling system, which can generate the cutting power you need.

Throat’ is an essential factor while buying a scroll saw, especially if your work involves cutting large objects. The scroll saw comes with a surface for cutwork, along with an arm that supports a blade.

The throat means the distance between the blade and the arm supporting it. A larger throat gives you enough space for more substantial objects, which means no need to cut them in individual pieces.

If you don’t work with large objects, throat size is an irrelevant factor. Still, we recommend getting a saw with an 18-inch throat. Make sure what type of work you do, choose the throat accordingly.


The blade is another factor. A scroll saw has two types of blades, standard and pin-end blades. Similar to cutting power, but it’s the purpose of blades that separates them. 

Standard blade – As the name suggests, a typical blade that’s suitable for almost any cutting job. Get a durable one, and it will be enough. 

Pin-end blade – Pin-end blades aren’t for everyone, those with highly specific requirements use it. The blades aren’t compatible with all scroll saws. They can be removed or replaced easily. However, accuracy isn’t their best point.

Cutting Surface

Every scroll saw comes with a surface or a cutting table. However, the size of the board differs model by model.

If you have to carry your saw to different places, you need a saw that can be attached to tables, making it easier to transport. See if the saw table offers you the advantage of rotating the surface.


Tools mean complexity; however, it differs with each tool. You need to assess how good you are at working with saws, if you are an amateur, it will be a while before you master the machine.

The point isn’t to buy the most expensive scroll saw online, you need to pick the one that is perfect for your skills and requirements. Some saws come with ‘tool-free’ blade holders, which means you can remove the blade without any tools. It can save your time and no need to carry a toolbox every time. You can remove or adjust the blades easily.


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